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market development of splicing technology is good, and there are many opportunities for LCD screen splicing screen.

Good quality LCD Video Wall Display for sales
Good quality LCD Video Wall Display for sales
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market development of splicing technology is good, and there are many opportunities for LCD screen splicing screen.

market development of splicing technology is good, and there are many opportunities for LCD screen splicing screen.


Tao sheng yi, life two, two life three, three living things.The development of all things will always take some time to precipitate and then thin hair.With the wide application of large screen splicing wall in various fields, the market development of splicing technology is very strong.And LCD splicing in this time, occupy the market first.It's a latecomer.You may wonder why the LCD splicing is so popular, I think, compared with PDP splicing screen and DLP splicing screen, it should be the key factor of long life and low cost.

Of course, liquid crystal is a mature display technology, the service life can be up to 50,000 + hours, to ensure the system in the long, uninterrupted work.LCD large screen splicing screen with super explosion-proof glass and multi-coating surface treatment technology, no thermal deformation, long-term use will not appear in the surface of concave or convex phenomena.The technology and structure of the liquid crystal determines that there are no vulnerable parts and consumables, and the large screen is not required to be maintained regularly, and the later use cost is extremely low.LCD low power consumption, low heat, light weight, long life, no radiation and other characteristics, make the liquid crystal splicing wall reliable.

Sometimes giving up is more important than choosing!

Perhaps, when considering the economy of the system, most of it will be considered in terms of cost performance. Only in the premise of high performance and high quality can the economy of the system make sense.The joining together of plasma (PDP) currently on the market, the price is higher, the price of one square metre commonly up to ten, more expensive than the LCD splicing, and due to its inherent defect, price is low.And DLP joining together although the price is low, but a time bulb replacement cost is as high as several thousand dollars each screen, a curtain wall and the less the tens of thousands of, ten more, a few years down, its cost.Liquid crystal splicing, with its excellent performance, reasonable price has been widely welcomed at home and abroad.Its liquid crystal splicing up to 5 ~ 80 thousand hours of service life, stable quality, low maintenance cost, is the most cost-effective curtain wall at present.

Arbitrary combination, free and flexible is the concept.

LCD large screen splicing wall has a lot of space: it can be used for small screen splicing or large screen splicing.It can be spliced with single screen or a pair of M by N.You can also mix and match sizes.Can according to customer size of LCD splicing system proposed by the system and application requirements, according to the system using the environment, to choose the appropriate products and way of joining together, design concrete implementation plan, meet the application requirements of the system.

At the same time, different video processing system can be selected according to the user's requirement of input signal, so as to realize multiple signal input and meet the demand of different signal input.By controlling the software, the switching of various signals can be realized, which can be combined into full screen display, arbitrary combination display, image stretching display, image roaming display, image overlay display, etc.The LCD splicing wall can provide different implementation schemes and technical support according to different needs of customers.

There is a wide range of applications and opportunities.

The large screen Mosaic has a large visual impact and has a good display, demonstration, advertising and publicity effect.With its thin thickness, light weight and simple installation and free of space limitation, LCDS are widely used in the application field.Electric power production scheduling and control center, military command and control center, city management, emergency command center, traffic management command center, industrial process control display system, radio and television shows and monitoring system, shopping malls, hotels, communication information display system, financial securities information display system, government enterprises multimedia video conference system, mine safety production monitoring system, city environmental monitoring command system, fire protection, meteorology, maritime flood control and command system, airport, subway flight display, security monitoring systems, theatre, media advertising, exhibition display system, brand stores image display system, concerts,...

Second, in technology, LCD splicing with the thickness of thin, light weight, low energy consumption, long life, no radiation, etc, and the picture is exquisite, high resolution, the key performance indicators of good performance, has made it become a mainstream development and good prospect.However, due to the immature development of LCD splicing technology, excessive joint sewing has become its fatal flaw.

With the improvement of technology, the technology of liquid crystal splicing is becoming more and more perfect, and the gap is getting smaller and smaller.For liquid crystal splicing technology, the industry has high hopes.With its low energy consumption and long life, the high and clear characteristics fully meet the future trend of the large-screen industry.

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