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Liquid crystal splicing screensaver maintenance is good, the following can save a lot of money!

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Good quality LCD Video Wall Display for sales
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Liquid crystal splicing screensaver maintenance is good, the following can save a lot of money!

Liquid crystal splicing screensaver maintenance is good, the following can save a lot of money!


Splicing technology development, make the LCD splicing screen has been widely used in various fields, improve the efficiency of our work at the same time also can let us know more about the world, but the LCD splicing screen also has the use fixed number of year, so the LCD splicing screen for a few years?Nano technology shares with you the life of LCD splice screen and how to maintain the LCD splice screen in the process.

The life of the LCD is mainly decided by the backlight use period, under normal circumstances, the use of liquid crystal splicing screen backlight deadline in 60000 hours, so, if you use the LCD splicing screen time in 24 hours a day, the LCD splicing screen life will be about 6.8493150684932 years.

Ii. How to maintain liquid crystal splicing screen during use?

1. Don't always close the LCD splice screen.

Used in the process of liquid crystal splicing screen, is the most prone to depletion of the backlight, and the service life of the backlight and LCD splicing screen number of medallion has the close relation, because when they start the LCD splicing screen increasing preheating and high voltage pulsed electron cathode material, so as to shorten the service life of the backlight, if you want to open four times a day the LCD splicing screen, the use of the backlight time limit will be reduced by half.

2. Don't point at the screen with your nails.

LCD splicing screen is very delicate, combat ability poor contrast, pointing it is easy to cause the screen bad points, and this is why some users to use for a period of time will find the reason of bad points, and it is difficult to remedy.

3. Carefully open the protective cover after the LCD screen.

Summer temperatures generally on the high side, in order to facilitate the LCD panel radiator, some users will open the back cover, but never in a charged condition open, even after a power outage, retained for voltage is very high also, background lighting component of transformer with about 1000 v high pressure, very easy to bring harm to operators.

4. Do not run under damp conditions.

The internal planning of LCD splice screen is very precise, and the humid environment will cause the corrosion oxidation to form short circuit.Therefore, in the south, where there is a lot of rain and high humidity, we must do a good job in the wet work of the room and try to keep the environment as dry as possible.

If you find that the screen is damp, gently wipe it with a soft cloth and then turn on the screen.However, it is necessary to apply for professional maintenance when the humidity has been found inside the LCD splice screen.Do not let the liquid crystal splicing screen plus electrical work when the humidity is not removed, otherwise the liquid crystal electrode will be corroded, thus causing permanent damage.

Don't pour the detergent directly onto the screen.

LCD splicing screen with a long, hard to avoid some dirt and grime, should use the correct cleaning methods: when clean with a soft, absorbent cotton of fiber material, lens paper or soft cloth to dab a small amount of special glass cleaner, gently remove the dust or dirt on the screen.LCD splicing screen by screen, of course, under the influence of static electricity, very easy to touch dirt, many people use water to clean the LCD splicing screen, but the fact is that this way of cleaning is wrong, not only short of a good cleaning effect, and will leave a stain, improper cleaning will cause the LCD splicing screen be affected with damp be affected with damp, causes the damage of the LCD splicing screen.In the process of cleaning, if you accidentally infiltrate water droplets into the LCD screen, you should wait for the water to evaporate and then power.

The above is the life of liquid crystal splicing screen and how to maintain the relevant content of liquid crystal splicing screen in the course of several years. I hope to provide useful reference for you.You must pay more attention to maintenance when you use it, so as to prolong the life of LCD splice screen.

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